Janitorial supplier for the busy workplace washroom

The Importance of the Company Washroom

The washroom in any premises is a busy area that is frequently used and  has the subtle ability to either disappoint the user and negatively impact on their overall perception of their working environment or to subliminally further enhance an already professional atmosphere which management has sought so hard to achieve.  Efficiency Services has grown from a provider of janitorial supplies to offering different solutions and effective products to enhance the washroom users experience and also to minimise the time spent cleaning and maintaining this busy area,




Vendor Vision Washroom System

Your washroom facility is your business card. The Vendor range of washroom dispensers are all designed to have a continuous supply of product. They are all easily topped up at a time of your choosing and will always be there when needed. No longer will you find yourself without towels, soap or toilet tissue.

The Urinal Bio Ball System

These bio balls are placed in the urinals (no installation or retro fitting required) and will allow you to reduce the amount of urinal flushing needed to wash away any urine creating odours. Urinal flushing can be reduced to 4 to 6 flushes per day. When these bio balls are activated by urine, they release a pleasant fragrance and also release enzymes. These enzymes are washed into the drain and over time will populate the pipe work and disperse the uric salts, any calcium deposits and dramatically reduce lime scale build up. When all this bio mass have been depleted, these enzymes will coat the pipe work and stop any build up of biological material.

The Urinal Bowl Cleaner has similar enzymes to the BioBall , this spray helps eliminate any calcium, uric salts and lime scale that accumulates on the bowl which harbours the urine creating smells. This negates the need for any other cleaning agents and complements the unique cleaning action of the BioBall.

Toilet Tissue Systems

There are many way to ensure that your washroom users have sufficient supplies for their needs – some are more efficient than others!!

At Efficiency Services, we offer unique and efficient solutions for the busy workplace washroom. We stock refills for over 90% of the dispensers on the market today and we can offer our expertise in finding the correct solution for your business – whether you are a small business with one washroom, a school with large busy areas or a large corporation looking for something special – we have the range to suit your requirements.

Our Guarantee

We take pride in delivering the highest levels of service to enable you to keep your organisation looking good, feeling healthy and most importantly, hygienic.