Sanitary Disposal
Efficiency Services offers a discreet, efficient and professional sanitary disposal service. Our service is customisable to your organisations needs in terms of volume, frequency, and scheduling of visits. We also offer a wide range of sanitary bin units which are supplied as part of the medical office cleaning service.

Medi Waste / Nappy Bin Disposal
We also offer a medi -waste / nappy disposal service. We can supply your organisation with the highest specification medi-waste units which are serviced in a discreet and professional manner and at a frequency suitable to your service needs.

Vending Machines
We can cater for all your washroom vending needs. An ever growing range of vending machines are available to clients who wish to compliment their washrooms with a stylish machine, selling a customisable range of products.

Should you require more details on this service please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact us section.