Vendor Janitorial Supplies and Washroom Systems

The Vendor range of washroom dispensers are all designed to have a continuous supply of product. They are all easily topped up at a time of your choosing and will always be there when needed. No longer will you find yourself without towels, soap or toilet tissue.

Vendor Vision Continuous Paper Towel Unit

Vision IQ Towel Cabinet

By using a patented continuous looped paper towel, housed in a well engineered cabinet, you can ensure that there will always be a plentiful and unending supply of paper towelling. This unique system incorporates a scrim paper towel cassette (This special paper process is manufactured to a high standard and is composed of a nylon grid sandwiched between 2 layers of paper towelling thereby ensuring that the paper will never tear and, as the paper is in a cassette form fitted with continuation strips, this can be topped up before it runs out). It is difficult to compare this system on a like for like basis as there is nothing similar on the market. This system has the advantages of the hygiene of disposable paper towels with the convenience of a cabinet containing linen towels without the disadvantages of loose paper in your washroom and soiled linen towels hanging down.

The Advantages of Vendor Paper Towel System

  • A clear and clean washroom (No waste bin needed)
  • Product used only where intended –  no paper towels ending up on the floor, in urinals or toilet bowls and causing blockages
  • Less cleaning hours needed
  • Considerably less waste generated
  • Endless supply of towelling
  • Ease of top up and less monitoring
Cabinet Code VCV Cassette Refill Code VPIQ  

Topping Up The Unit

First time Filling The Unit

Vendor Vertical Toilet Tissue Holder

Vision Toilet Tissue Dispenser

The toilet tissue dispenser takes 2 rolls to ensure a continuous uninterrupted supply of tissue and has a total capacity of 200 – 300 meters.. This unit incorporates a brake which will apply a slight pressure against the toilet tissue roll and this will ensure the roll will not “Freewheel “and waste paper. This dispenser is both stylish and functional and has shown to use less paper than other systems and deliver cost reductions on your overall toilet tissue budget – Case studies available on request.

Dispenser Code CTD 1 ply Code PGCTT1  
  2 ply Code PGCTT  
Vendor Soap / Foam Dispenser

Vision Soap/Foam Dispenser

This cartridge fed dispensing system is available for either liquid soap or soft foam and delivers economy and control. This unique unit operates a vacuum system to prevent leakage and has a closed reservoir to guarantee a high degree of hygiene with a continuous supply.

Soap Dispenser Code 1011E Soap Refill Code 1121W  
Foam Dispenser Code 1011F Foam Refill Code 1121F  
Vendor Air Freshener Unit

Vision Air Fresheners

Our digital unit delivers a fresh fragrance with the advantages of adjustable settings for both frequency and duration. These units are battery operated and thereby easy to install and maintain. Each case of refills (12 aerosols) comes with 4 different fragrances.

Dispenser Code VAF Air Freshener Refill Code VAFR  

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