The Unique Bio Ball Urinal System

A urinal maintenance system that will actually save you money

Urinal Drain - before and after Bio Ball use
Bio Ball - it's so powerful that it's kept in a cage!

Our Urinal Bio Ball, a biological block that contains billions of friendly bacteria, which include several different enzymes, surfactants and a detergent. The Bio Ball is activated when a small amount of liquid is passed over it, this can either be water or urine. Once activated the enzymes are carried into the drain and the fragrance is released into the air. The enzymes will then break down all fats, oils and greases, uric salt, lime scale, and anything organic or bio. Once the drains are clean the surfactants in the Bio Ball will then coat the inside of the drains to ensure that nothing can adhere to the drains.

As advised, the Bio Ball is activated on a small amount of liquid, this allows the user to reduce urinal flushing to just 1 – 4  janitorial flushes once a day to clear the drains of any debris build up. The water and sewage savings is significant to the user as well as bringing down their CO2 emissions.

Water is becoming an important component when looking at cost savings, however some people are sceptical about the hygiene standards being reduced, this is not the case when Bio Ball is used. It eliminates all problems within the urinal and will ensures a pleasant and sustainable washroom.

Bio Ball is an urinal block system that cleans urinal drains, dramatically reduces washroom maintenance costs while supporting your business profile to be environmentally ‘on the Ball’.

Bio Ball has integrated innovative design with the science of enzymes. The Bio Ball provides a cost effective solution to ongoing problems of urinal maintenance while dramatically reducing water wastage and enhance the washroom environment.

The Bio Ball cage encases the powerful biological enzyme block which can be elevated above the flushing waterline with or without the use of an integrated pedestal ‘lollipop stick’.

The Bio Ball cage system ensures a sludge free solution for urinal maintenance. Bio Ball will not dye the urinal or end up being a sludgy mess at the bottom of the drains after a few weeks use.

The unique and patented* design of the Bio Ball solution, optimises the extremely powerful biological elements of protease, lipase and urease to create a strong anaerobic reaction within the urinal system, gradually clearing all forms of nasty substances that can cause blockages.

We have also recently added new products for a complete washroom solution that have the same unique properties of the Bio Ball. Please see the Bio Ball System for further information.

Urinals have always been seen as the ‘problem area’ of the washroom environment. The Bio Ball Cleaning System can eradicate this problem with  simple to use, cost effective, environmentally friendly products.

Bio Ball (Product Code BB)
Washrooms very often have hazard points
  • Excess water which is a breeding ground for bacteria
  • Bacteria attaches to the solid matter in urine which causes scale to build up in the pipes and drainage network
  • Bacteria when combined with urine creates odour producing bacteria which results in foul smelling washrooms
The result is unhygienic and unpleasant washroom environments
Bio Ball offers the cleaning industry the answer that it has been looking for through a simple patent* solution which combines brilliant design with the power of biological enzymes.
The Bio Ball System in five simple steps:
  1. The Bio Ball is placed in a clean urinal bowl. Bio Ball can then be placed next to the urinal outlet grill, inserted on top of the urinal grill with the attachment of the integrated ‘lollipop stick’ or attached to the back of the urinal bowl with the use of a Bio Ball “Holster”
  2. Then the flushing water levels of the urinal need to be either turned off or reduced to a minimum.
  3. The Bio Ball team recommend the use of a water management system such as the ES50
  4. The Bio Ball is now installed and ready for use
  5. When the Bio Ball enzyme block has dissolved simply replace
From the moment Bio Ball is placed into the urinal it is ready to start making a difference to reducing maintenance costs, improving the washroom environment and supporting your eco-credentials.
The innovative but simple design technology of Bio Ball means that it can be fitted to 99% of all urinal system without specialist fitting, training or alteration.
* Patent Pending
Bio Ball Water Manager (Product Code BBFC)
Integral to realising the full benefits of the Bio Ball Solution this Intelligent Water Management System enables you to maximise water cost savings.
The ES50 and ES51 is highly advanced and incoporates more features than any of the competition, which also makes operation and ownership easier. These benefits include a new sleek design, factory pre-set functions to save set-up time, water audit feature, integrated power and valve failure alarms and is either battery or mains operation.
The product has also been designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions and includes many anti-tamper features within the robust design.
Simple to install with little disruption.
Bio Ball Urinal Bowl Cleaner (Product Code UBClean)
The Urinal Bowl Cleaner has similar enzymes to the Bio Ball, this spray helps elimate any calcium, uric salts and lime scale that accumulates on the bowl which harbours the urine creating smells.
This negates the need for any other cleaning agents and complements the unique cleaning action of the Bio Ball.
Bio Ball Urinal Bowl Cleaner Refills (Product Code UBClean)
These refills come in the form of powder which is simply emptied into your plastic trigger spray and topped up with water.  Each sachet makes upto 750ml of product.
They are packed in boxes of 12.
Bio Ball Urinal Bowl Pre – Dose
Soon to be released to allow you to send a concentrated liquid into your drains to begin the biological cleaning process.  Please keep checking for further information and a release date.

Bio Ball has no expensive fitting or installation costs which leads to no disruption in your washroom environment, but still delivers a first class performance solution.

Bio Ball is made up of two components.
First, the powerful and immense cleaning capability comes from the highly effective enzyme block. Each 40g enzyme block contains billions of friendly bacteria bugs.
The second part is the Bio Ball bio-degradable cage which encases the enzyme block.
The Bio Ball cage that can either be free standing or elevated above the flushing waterline with the attachment of an integrated pedestal ‘lollipop stick’ or by use of the Bio Ball “holster”
Bio Ball’s enzyme block will not dye the urinal or end up being a sludgy mess at the bottom of the drains after a few weeks use.
Bio Ball optimises the exceptionally powerful biological elements of protease, lipase and urease
to create a strong anaerobic reaction within the urinal system, gradually clearing all forms of nasty substances that can cause blockages.
Bio Ball will also create a proven de-scaling action and has acidic qualities which disperse uric salt and over time will reduce lime scale levels.
Bio Ball has effective fragrance levels with an inbuilt filter which will ensure that the washroom has a pleasant odour.


Massive water savings
The Bio Ball does not require regular flushing water.  It is activated by a small amount of liquid and therefore you can reduce the amount of water consumed by either turning your water system right down, or by adding a water management system to ensure your property is reaching the maximum amount of cost savings achievable. You can save, on average, 175,000 litres of water per urinal per year (Based on 4 flushes per hour – 5 ltr per flush).
Multiplied across your organisation, the water and sewage savings can be dramatic
Reduction in urinal maintenance
Pipe work blockages caused by excess build up of lime scale and uric salt within the washroom are eliminated with Bio Ball. Uric scale and ammonic salts formation are also eliminated as the unique and powerful Bio Ball biological enzyme naturally disrupts the processes that cause scale build up within your urinal pipe work. With Bio Ball in the washroom, the result is simple: clean and clear pipe-work.
Co2 Reduction
Saving water means saving Co2. For every cubic metre of water saved, saves 0.4kg of Co2.
By reducing the amount of flushing water to a urinal can save around 70kg of Co2 a year.
Eliminates odours
Bio Ball doesn’t just mask the problem of persistent bad odours… actually fixes them! With its fresh minty fragrance throughout the washroom from the moment you put it in, to the moment it needs changing.  And its unique bio-degradable cage ensures that the enzyme block stays in the urinal and not washed or dispersed down the drain.  No sludge left in the bottom of the urinal.
No chemicals
No COSHH required with Bio Ball. No hazardous chemicals involved whatsoever. As a result, Bio Ball  is safe to use and janitorial staff find the daily cleaning process faster and simpler.
No capital equipment outlay
Implementation of the Bio Ball is immediate and requires no urinal or trough modifications. Simply install a Bio Ball per urinal and the process starts working immediately.

Cost Savings

Dependant on your local water authority you can save up to €789.00 per cistern per year on water savings, not to mention the reduction on your CO2 emissions.

Calculations are based on €2.30 per metre cubed (1,000 Litres)

Flushes Per Day Cistern Capacity  Total Litres per year Cost
96 10 350,400 €805.92
4 10 14,600 €33.58
2 10 7,300 €16.79


More cost savings can be achieved if you use the cistern bags which displaces a litre of water per bag in the cistern reducing the amount of water used in a flush.  On average a further 11% savings achieved per bag.

On top of this you will not have the expensive cost of drain and sewage clearance, at an average of 1-2 visits per year. Which is a saving of €150 – €300.00 per washroom.

Is Bio Ball a waterless urine outlet device?

 No. there is no such thing as a truly waterless urinal. Some manufacturers of claimed waterless devices even supply a watering can so you can manually flush the urinals!
Bio Ball only needs a minimal amount of water to activate the highly effective and efficient Bio Ball enzyme block which is encapsulated in the unique Bio Ball cage. Bio Ball will reduce the amount of water needed for flushing by up to 95%. With a small amount of water, Bio Ball will disperse uric salt and significantly reduce lime scale whilst creating a very pleasant fragrant ambiance within the

What is in the Bio Ball enzyme block?

The Bio Ball enzyme block contains billions of ‘friendly bacteria’ bugs which makes it one of the most powerful “easy to use” bio cube products currently available on the market. The extremely powerful biological elements of protease, lipases and urease to create a strong anaerobic reaction within the urinal and downstream drainage system where most foul odours start. Bio Ball gradually and naturally dissolves ALL forms of foul substances that can cause drain blockages. Bio Ball is confident that its immense cleaning power will reduce the ever increasing maintenance costs that many companies face, thus help and support business to be eco compliant by achieving their environmental goals while offering a practical and innovative solution to the washroom environment.

What is the difference between Bio Ball and the numerous other Urinal Outlet Devices (UOD’s) that are available on the market?

Bio Ball is installed above the actual urinal outlet and as such is not regarded as a UOD device. Bio Ball actually delivers what it says it will and its unique design is the perfect solution to urinals in the washroom. The following points will prove that Bio Ball is the best solution for 99% of urinals.
Bio Ball is exceptionally powerful and each Bio Ball block contains billions of friendly bacteria. The power of the Bio Ball provides the ultimate but cost effective solution to low cost urinal hygiene. Bio Ball reduces the cost of ongoing drain maintenance significantly; it has a proven de-scaling action which quickly erodes uric salt and lime scale.
Bio Ball should not be compared to urinal blocks. Bio Ball will leave no “bio mass” residue within the drainage system. The Bio Ball cage is also bio degradable and when disposed of correctly it will dissolve completely. A Bio Ball will not permanently mark or dye urinal surfaces or plastic fittings.
A urinal will only require one Bio Ball unlike other cubes or toss blocks that require handfuls of product to control foul odours. Bio Ball has a really effective fragrance level with an inbuilt filter.

Will Bio Ball help to save the amount of water that is used in flushing urinals?

Yes. A standard urinal with average use will be used around 150 times a day. This average amount of usage will require between 24 and 96 water flushes per day, by introducing Bio Ball to the urinal bowl the need for flushing is reduced to between 2 and 6 times a day. Water saving will very much depend and alter according to the water control systems that are being used within specific washrooms. Bio Ball aims to reduce the amount of water needed by 90-95% from an uncontrolled standard cistern flushing system. The Bio Ball team strongly recommend the use of a water management system such as the Bio Ball ES50 which will effectively help to manage the flow of water into the urinal system.

How much money will Bio Ball save my business?

Bio Ball will definitely save your business money, time and effort.  Bio Ball is very aware that each washroom environment is managed differently, as are the related cost and facilities management. Bio Ball is more than happy to discuss with customers how much Bio Ball will improve the cost and maintenance levels. Bio Ball will assist your company to achieve its ISO 14001 accreditation.

How long will the Bio Ball last for in the urinal and how do I know when to change it?

A standard urinal with average use will be used around 150 times a day, with 24-96 flushes. Bio Ball will aim to reduce this flushing to 2-6 times a day. Bio Ball enzyme block has been designed to effectively last for approximately 3 weeks with a 90 – 95% decrease in flushing. However this will vary according to the level of usage and maintenance. After the three weeks, it can easily be replaced with a new Bio Ball.
The Bio Ball block will be effective until it has completely disappeared and for approx 2 days afterwards however we recommend that when the Bio Ball enzyme block has visibly dissolved it is then immediately replaced. Unlike many other bio block brands, only one Bio Ball is required per urinal.

What does the Bio Ball solution cost?

Bio Ball does not require any alteration or conversion to the urinals in the washroom. The only cost incurred is the Bio Ball itself, the Bio Ball is simply placed in the bowl of the urinal and the powerful enzyme block immediately gets to work.  Bio Ball can be positioned above the flushing waterline with the use of the pedestal lollipop. The pedestal is simply attached to the Bio Ball base and then can neatly be placed into the drain outlet grill. If there is not a hole available in the outlet, Bio Ball suggests that with simple drilling this can be rectified.  The elevated Bio Ball can then be placed directly on top of outlet of the urinal. This provides a more aesthetic presentation and allows for optimum efficiency of the Bio Ball enzyme.

Should we continue with using chemicals and chemical disinfectants with a Bio Ball installed?

DEFINITELY NOT, aggressive, acidic and environmentally damaging chemicals will temporarily damage the good eco balance that the Bio Ball establishes in the drainage. We insist that the old practice of using the urinal as a discharge point for floor cleaning waste etc. is bad practice and should be avoided.
Our supplementary Bio Ball liquid cleaning trigger sprays utilise the same enzyme compounds as the Bio Ball blocks and they can be safely used to clean the washroom surrounding area including urinal bowls as well as acting as a backup product in times of heavy use.

Will Bio Ball improve the hygiene levels within the washroom environment?

YES .It certainly will because of the significant reduction in water, as bad and harmful bacteria love being in wet and damp environments. They spread with ease and can result in a hazardous and unpleasant washroom. In a drier washroom they do not spread with such ferocity. Bio Ball significantly improves the hygiene of the washroom. The formula is simple.
Less water + Bio Ball = dramatically less bacteria.
Bio Ball’s billions strong army of friendly bacteria, work hard to stop the build up of bad substances such as uric salt and lime scale within the drainage system which negates the need for offensive masking fragrance sprays.

Will Bio Ball fit all types of urinals?

Bio Ball can be fitted to 99% of all stand alone and trough urinals. Stand alone urinals only require one Bio Ball unit; however some trough urinals may require 2-3 Bio Balls depending on trough length.

Is Bio Ball completely eco-friendly?

Absolutely, Bio Ball has been developed not only to have a powerful cleaning capability but also to be completely environmentally friendly in its composition, bio-degradability and its commitment to the preservation of the environment and waterways. Bio Ball is based on all natural ingredients and made up from natural compounds with naturally occurring enzymes and fragrances. There are no harmful ecological effects.

Do our cleaning staff need to follow special Bio Ball cleaning instructions?

Using Bio Ball could not be simpler. It will make your cleaning and janitorial staff lives a lot easier. However there are a few basic steps that need to be followed:
Step 1
When using Bio Ball for the first time ensure that the bowl of the urinal is clean, and debris must be removed on a regular basis
Step 2  
Remove the Bio Ball from the packaging
Step 3 
Bio Ball can either be placed freely at the outlet of the urinal, or
Step 4
Can be integrated onto the outlet drain with the use of the pedestal. The pedestal is inserted into the base of the Bio Ball as shown.  This will provide a more aesthetic appearance to the urinal bowl and stops the Bio Ball from rolling around. When the Bio Ball is elevated above the flushing waterline it allows Bio Ball to work at its optimum efficiency.
Step 5

The pedestal is inserted into the outlet drain as shown

Step 6
This will provide a more aesthetic appearance to the urinal bowl and stops the Bio Ball from rolling around. When the Bio Ball is elevated above the flushing waterline it allows Bio Ball to work at its optimum efficiency
Step 7 
When the Bio Ball enzyme block has dissolved, it is advised to replace the complete Bio Ball unit with a new one

Does Bio Ball have direct competition?

Bio Ball welcomes all healthy competition. It is important for customers to have a choice. Bio Ball is offering our customers the choice of a powerful and high quality product that is reasonably priced and will deliver what it says it will. Bio Ball’s unique proposition is that we have contained an exceptionally powerful enzyme block inside the innovation of a bio-degradable cage which protects and contains the block. We are confident in Bio Ball and look forward to seeing it roll out in washrooms on an international scale.